Can Bubble Tea and Smoothie Made Vegetarian?


As a vegetarian, drinking bubble tea and smoothies often comes with lots of doubts. It’s because the drink is vegan, prepared using vegan ingredients. But the thing is that the vegetarian diet is not as limited as a vegan diet.  If you want, you can easily make bubble tea smoothies vegetarian. 

What’s the original preparation method for bubble tea and smoothies?

The bubbles in tea have a jelly-like texture.  Tapioca pearls used in the preparation are made from tapioca start, and the popping bubbles are made with fruit juice, water, sugar, and seaweed extracts categorized as plant-based ingredients. 

Most bubble tea and smoothies are suitable for vegetarians.  But you should be careful of the jellies as they contain gelatin.  Gelatin is a meat derivative that is prepared by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. Usually, they are derived from animals such as cows or pigs, making the beverage unsuitable for vegetarians. 

Are you still doubtful? Keep a few important points in your mind: 


If you want vegetarian bubble tea smoothies, avoid jellies, though they enhance the flavor of your drink.  Many bubble tea shops offer multiple varieties of different and exotic jellies.  These jellies enhance both the texture and taste of the drink. 

You have the option of grass jelly, custard jelly, fruit jelly, and others. The choices can be overwhelming but with gelatin. 

If you want jellies in your bubble tea smoothies, look for the ones that are prepared using plant-based ingredients. Confirm before ordering the drink. If the store doesn’t confirm the exact ingredients of the jelly topping, avoid using them in your drink. 

Check the menu thoroughly 

Everyone checks the menu before ordering. This is the first and most common step that you take after entering a restaurant. But, as it’s about a specific order, you should thoroughly check the menu. Read the ingredients as well if mentioned in the menu. 

If the menu doesn’t advertise the ingredients used to prepare bubble tea smoothies, ask the store staff who can give you more and accurate information. In case there is no one to help, don’t take a risk.  Avoid jellies and other doubtful ingredients.

Take recommendations from staff and friends

Other than avoiding jellies and checking the menu, take recommendations from staff members or friends. This is one of the safest ways to consume vegetarian bubble tea smoothies.  Recommendations can help you know which toppings and flavors go together, especially if it’s your first time.

You might find some specialty flavors on the menu of some bubble tea and smoothie shops.  The toppings of these specialty flavors might compromise your vegetarian diet if you don’t check them properly.

So, check before you implement the recommendations of your store assistant or friends.

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